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Dev Systems has a range of Desktop PCs use from HP and Dell. These PCs are very rugged, dependable and stable to take the business load and at the same time provide ultimate performance and expandability.A wide choice of configurations built on the latest technology is available.

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Thin Client

Thin client products are useful for building strong, low-cost, highly efficient computer network. Those products are based on Cleint-Server Technology widely known as Thin Client Technology. With help of thin client technology our Products offer diskless client environment to offer several benefits like Centralised Data-storage, Centralised Security, Centralised Administrator, Centralised backup system & strongest user management.

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There is nothing better than having access to the world at your fingertips. We provide education to the masses, as well as intelligent ways to show how far technology has come over time. Our tablets are sold at very low prices so companies can have access to the dire information they need to grow in every way possible.

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Highest performing and fully customizable workstations certified with professional applications. Featuring the most powerful Intel® processors and an innovative design.

We are the authorized enterprise partner of DELL and you can have a full-selections of DELL Products

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Servers are scalable, flexible, efficient solutions platforms with streamlined and intuitive management that can help you meet changing missions and drive business success. Achieve the performance, efficiency and versatility you need to scale smarter, manage more efficiently, and innovate faster.

Make the most out of your next-generation servers and increase productivity with end-to-end services from IT Transformation and Consulting Services to streamlined multivendor deployment, wide-range capability training for your IT team, and automated, proactive and predictive support with Support Assist technology.

Mobility Solutions and Cloud Computing


Whether you need performance-optimized flash technologies, ultra-dense storage enclosures, traditional or software-defined storage (SDS) solutions, we can help you choose the right options for your organization’s needs.

Optimize your storage with a comprehensive suite of services including data protection, expert deployment, up-to-date training for your staff and automated, proactive support.